Football, weather and frustration

Ok, so according to the Weather Channell app on my iphone, the heat index is 110 and it is 5:05.

My youngest son has football practice in 55 min.  MSHSAA says no practice at all when the heat index is 106 or above.

Have they called it off yet? No, and they’ve sent an email saying they won’t make a decision until 6:00 pm. If anything, they’ll move it to 7:00. Ok, so as parents, we’ll all sit around a black-topped parking lot hoping the heat index goes down?

Let’s be reasonable people and remember these are sixth graders.

2 thoughts on “Football, weather and frustration”

  1. Just for fun let’s start calling it wind-chill factor in summer and heat-index in winter. People will look at us strangely, and we can just keep going on as if we know what we’re talking about. “Today that wind-chill factor was crazy at 111 degrees.” Let’s hope the heat index isn’t minus 5 this Christmas.

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