Perfection #2

My drive for perfection makes it hard for me to accept anything less.  I consistently push myself for improvement in nearly every arena.  However, I am working at trying to change that.

Probably ten years ago, I discovered flylady.net, a great website that really shed some light on how I perceived myself.  It was interesting to read her daily emails that claimed messy, cluttery homes were generally inhabited by perfectionists who had given up trying.  If they couldn’t keep their entire home perfectly clean at all times, then what was the point?  These perfectionists, she claimed, considered themselves utter failures for their lack of perfection.  To combat that perception, flylady sent daily emails encouraging you to set a timer and declutter your home for just five minutes at a time.  It was a great idea and I implemented it for a while, but unfortunately quit some time ago.

The point is, I have been struggling with my own desire to be “the best”, “the expert”, or perfect for years now.

Today, I am giving myself permission to not be perfect.  I did not run every time my Couch to 5K app told me to, but I did for most of them.  That was certainly a huge improvement over yesterday.

Today, I am going to celebrate small victories.

Today, I am going to love me.


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  1. Natalie, I think the flylady is right. I am tired of trying to keep a perfect home. It is so-o-o overwhelming! And yes, I have considered myself a failure for not being able to “do it all.” But, over the past few years, I have come to realize something…it’s okay! It’s not the end of the world. Going through all the medical nightmares I’ve been going through, I can’t do nearly what I could do before. Nevertheless, sometimes there’s a voice in my ear that tries to lay condemnation on me. I just tell it to go away, I don’t want to hear it! God loves me for me, not for what I have done or what I will do. (Almost sounds like a song there:~) I am so glad you are going to love you. After God, you should be the first to love you. Keep up the great writing!

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