There have sure been a lot of issues heading up to this trip, not the least of which was my hospitalization on Saturday night for a severe case of diverticulitis. I was there until Tuesday morning while they tried to knock out the infection with IV antibiotics so I could make this trip. I’m thankful for a doctor who said “Let’s make it happen!”

Please continue to pray for this trip! Here’s a list of specific prayers!

  • Presidential Dispensation would happen this week
  • My pain would go away entirely or that God will protect me from further complications related to this condition.
  • I have an appointment at the US Embassy on Tuesday morning at 7:00 am to file our I-600. ┬áNo one from our orphanage has done this before. Pray that I will be favorably received and that there would be no problems.
  • Wisdom for me and that I would listen carefully to the voice of God.

Thank you for your prayers!