I’m writing this from a Newark, NJ hotel room (which I’m blessed is a decent room). Tomorrow morning I’ll meet up with 2 traveling partners and we’ll be wheels up to Port au Prince.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting with our lawyer and with our government friend for a status update on all the cases currently in process and hopefully getting some answers. I’ll be overnighting in Port au Prince as I have an 7:00 am appointment at the embassy on Tuesday morning.  I have no idea if I will be able to file the paperwork, but I’m hopeful.

We are still trusting the Lord for March 25. I should mention that we have no information from either our lawyer or our government friend that this is the date, but we are believing our Lord.

Nevertheless, not my will, but His will. 

There will continue to be attacks this week. I specifically ask for prayers for the following:

  • The flight
  • The meeting tomorrow afternoon. Pray that we’ll have some solid answers.
  • The meeting at the embassy on Tuesday morning. Pray for favor, that our documents are in order, and for a clear process for all adopting families.
  • The trip back to the orphanage and my time with the boys.
  • Please pray for our boys and our married children at home. That they will be protected from attacks on them.
  • My mother-in-law who is taking care of the boys in our place. Pray that all goes smoothly.