I was watching Losing it with Jillian tonight. She was talking to a mom about her son and mom was saying how proud she was of her son. Jillian replied she should be proud of herself for raising him.

This struck a chord in my heart. I always tell my kids how proud of them I am, but I never tell myself how proud I am of me for being a great mom! My kids haven’t turned out the way they have on their own. I had a part to play.

I have raised two wonderful biological children who are getting their lives together. They have such strength and they deeply love the families they are making.

And yet my internal conversation is rarely that I’m a great mom. Instead, I pick apart my performance and most times, I judge myself lacking. I rarely give myself grace. I wound myself with my own criticism and then refuse to let those wounds heal.

Recently I was reminded that I have a Heavenly Father who sees me differently. He loves me perfectly, accepts me perfectly and despite how I tend to view my motherhood prowess, He gave me two more children to raise.

Today, I’m choosing to rest in His view of my motherhood. I’m telling myself what a great mom I am and I’m leaning into Him for my strength.