I can think of only one place we haven’t said this of after visiting. The first time I remember hearing/saying it was on a trip to Leavenworth sometime in the 90’s. We’ve also said that about Cannon Beach in Oregon, Southern California, Florida, Aruba, Los Cabos, Phoenix and most recently N Myrtle Beach and Hill City in South Dakota. So where’s the one place? If you know me well, I don’t even have to say it. We’ve been twice and will likely visit multiple times before we are too old to travel.

It got me thinking though this week. What is it about a place that makes me think I will be happier there than I am at home? I asked my son Mark about it yesterday. He said the ocean. Playing in it often would make him happy. My son Doug remarked that if we moved here he would have an excuse to visit often.

I think the reason we all feel this way is that week-long vacations away force us to focus on each other as a family and us as a couple. There’s no work pressures to interfere, and no shuttling of kids to practice. Just fun together as a family.

I hate to burst anyone’s vacation dream bubble, but I think if we moved here we’d love it for a year. Then we would go on vacation somewhere and the dream would start all over again.

Then again maybe the Ames family would really rather be nomads traveling from vacation to vacation…..