Oh, if I only knew….

The hardest thing about this adoption is the not knowing.  We knew when we started it that we were going to be trailblazers. To use a metaphor I’m fond of, we knew we’d be eating some mushrooms and figuring out by trial and error which were poisonous, which just made us sick and which were ok. We knew we were going to have to completely rely on God to guide our steps.

I think I’ve held up good under the uncertainty of it all, but I must admit that my patience is being tried.

Well-meaning people stop by my desk nearly every day who are interested and supportive of our journey and ask, “When do you get your boys from Haiti?” And nearly every day, I must shrug and say, “I really don’t know.” I wish I had a better answer, truly I do. Please don’t stop asking though, your interest and support are invaluable and encouraging!

There are timelines posted on the internet, but our adoption seems to be convoluted in comparison.  For instance, a Haitian adoption group I belong to believes from my description of our court appearance in March that we have completed a step called Parquet.  That’s great, but every timeline I’ve seen for Haitian adoptions has that occurring after a file has been released from IBESR (equivalent to Social Services).  Our court appearance came before our file even went to IBESR. Essentially, we have no frame of reference for how long it will take.

My husband (I love you truly, @tendollardog) is planning on taking 8 weeks of Family Leave when we bring the boys home. His employer would like to get that leave nailed down. Unfortunately, the best answer we can give right now is the same answer we have had since early March.

Ummmmm……..sometime in September or October.

If you are a person who prays, please pray for the following:

  • patience and grace for Brian and I
  • wisdom as to the next step we must take
  • for a swift exit from IBESR for our dossier
  • a favorable decision from the President Martely on our dispensation to adopt (required because we have biological children)
  • an equally quick passport issuance by Haiti
  • quick visa approval by the US Embassy in Port au Prince
Hopefully September or October.