As I said in a previous post, I would call myself a fiscal conservative who is demanding social justice.

Neither party of our current two party system fits that definition.
The Republicans bill themselves as the party of fiscal conservatism but the last 8 years, under President Bush, proved them to be as big spenders as the Democrats.
The Democrats seem to think that any problem can be solved if we just throw enough money at it.
Where is the party who believes that we should spend no more than we take in and who believes that the states are in a better position to make spending decisions than Washington?
Where is the party that believes in true social justice?
Who is clamoring for fairer sentencing laws?
Who is clamoring for school choice so that parents can send their children to schools that are making the grade rather than failing?
Who is clamoring for choice, true choice in health care?
Who is clamoring for capital investment into our inner cities so that they don’t become havens of crime?
Who is clamoring for social programs that work rather than those that put a bandaid on the severed artery and call it good?
Who is demanding good manufacturing jobs here in America and refusing to take political campaign money from companies who ship jobs over seas?
Where is the church? Why isn’t she demanding social justice?
Ok… those are today’s thoughts. No answers yet, just lots of questions…